Our Origins…

  • Creation

    Founded in 2003, RMG ABOGADOS is the result of the combined professional experience of its members and their willingness to share their highly extensive experience and knowledge with their clients as well as with each other.


  • Fundation

    The firm is born from the union of its members Angel Rafael Rovira Garcia (graduated 1991), Serafin Moreno Gamez (graduated 1990) and Juan Manuel Giadanes Alonso (graduated 1998), all graduated from the prestigious Colegio de Abogados de Cadiz. Our wide and extensive experience in Law allows us to offer our clients a more specialised service in every area of law, with each associate member of the firm dedicating him/herself to the development of and specialisation in his/her respective area of expertise.


  • Founding partner (Lawyer)

    D, Juan Manuel Giadanes Alonso.

  • Founding partner (Lawyer)



    D, Serafin Moreno Gámez .

  • Founding partner (Lawyer)

    D, Angel Rafael Rovíra García.

Other Components

Ana Gámez Rovíra (Lawyer)

Alfonso Rovíra García (Lawyer)

Esther Coto Rozano (Lawyer)

María del Mar Maura Campos (Tax Consultant)






Our work ethos is based on an absolute conviction that a proper legal consultancy must be carried out in a comprehensive manner, through the combined specialisation of the most highly qualified professionals in each area of law, thereby placing the most complete human team at our clients’ disposition.